Winter Wanderlust Essentials For Him

Cozy gear for the traveling guy.

Regardless of where your holiday destination might be, updating your wardrobe for winter is a must. These simple pieces will keep you warm throughout your entire trip. 

Winter Wanderlust Jacket

Alpha Industries, a dependable manufacturer of military-inspired gear, recently premiered their Winter 2011 collection. The line updates Alpha’s most popular silhouettes with new features, and the Nyco ECWCS is one of the standouts — a wind and water resistant polar jacket with a removable fleece liner. It’s great for any climate.

Alpha Industries — Nyco ECWCS| $165

Winter Wanderlust Vest

This stylish vest from Patagonia is insulated with premium goose-down that warms to the core. Durable and light-weight, it’s practical for a snowy day on the Colorado slopes — or a pleasantly cool evening in Palm Springs.

Patagonia Men’s Slingshot Down Vest | $129

Winter Wanderlust Scarf

A leading Italian textile company since the 1820s, Pria has produced fabric for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, including Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior. Today, Pria textiles still produce high quality garments like the Anderson Cooper scarf, which looks great over any attire, formal or casual.

Anderson Cooper Scarf | $75

Winter Wanderlust Accessories

Filson’s new “Bison Accessories” line is aptly named, since the garments in the collection are made from the undercoat of American Bison — a material praised for its soft, insulating qualities. The accessories include the Bison Knit Cap, as well as both fingerless and knit gloves. All of these accessories are comfortable, durable and, most importantly, quite warm.

Bison Accessories | $94 — 98