Dine on a Dime: Bako

Chinese cuisine with a modern twist.

Capitol Hill welcomes yet another fantastic restaurant — Bako, a Broadway eatery that promises classic Chinese cuisine. The dining room is warm and welcoming, with a bar and open kitchen to the left. The staff is helpful and the friendly bartender has an impressive knowledge of cocktail history.

He told me Bako is known for their Manhattans. Though tempted, I decided to be responsible (since I was driving) and have just one glass of Pinot noir – which was delicious. I’ll indulge on my next outing. Despite Everything sounded delicious, so I had a tough time making a choice despite the small menu.

Meal steals: Bako’s three best dishes under $10

In this chilly weather, few things sounds better than a bowl of hot soup. I fell for the wun ton soup ($6). It’s a simple medley of chicken stock, ginger chicken wun tons, greens and cilantro, but it was just what I needed. Be forewarned — the soup was so hot that I burned my tongue because I couldn’t resist tasting it!

For the main course, I had the ginger scallion noodles ($8) — a hearty mound of hot, fresh noodles topped with a mouth-watering ginger scallion pesto. I had to stop myself from eating because it was so delicious. Though I hoped to have leftovers, I somehow kept finding my fork with noodles on it.

Since I dined alone, I just had the two dishes above. On my next visit, I’m going for the shrimp chive potstickers ($8). These housemade dumplings are filled with prawns, vegetables and Chinese chives, and served with kabosu citrus dipping sauce.

Stop in, sit down and enjoy a delicious Chinese meal — and a signature cocktail — at Bako. I bet you won’t leave with leftovers or an empty belly!

Bako  |  606 Broadway E., Capitol Hill  |  (206) 829-8958