Enjoy Life Through The Lens Of Annie Leibovitz

A photo of Jessica Biel, by Annie

The opportunity of a lifetime with the snapshot legend.

What: Seattle happily welcomes back critically-acclaimed photographer Annie Leibotvitz, who will read and sign her mesmerizing new book, “Pilgrimage.” She visited the city in recent years with her previous works, “A Photographer’s Life” and “Annie Leibovitz at Work.” Her newest compilation of photos is much different from the Leibovitz to which we are all accustomed.

“Pilgrimage” pays homage to the author’s love of portraits by embodying traces of individuals who truly made an impact on this world: Abraham Lincoln, Georgia O’Keefe, Sigmund Freud, and Louisa May Alcott are among those captured and revered in Leibovitz’s portrayal of their memorable legacies.

Who: Liebovitz’s captivating work — and personality — have charmed the masses since 1970. She began her career with “Rolling Stone” shortly after the magazine’s launch and was quickly promoted to chief photographer in 1973. She held this title for 10 years, and helped to create and define the legendary “Rolling Stone” look with her stunning photographs. One of her most famous portraits at the magazine was a shot of Yoko Ono being clutched by a nude John Lennon for a 1981 cover.

A photo of Jessica Biel, by Annie Leibovitz

After she left “Rolling Stone,” Leibovitz got a job at “Vanity Fair,” where she shot such iconic and controversial photos such as Demi Moore’s very naked and very pregnant cover and Whoopi Goldberg in a bathtub filled with milk. Other accomplishments include an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London in 1991, for which she became only the second living artist — and first woman — to show their work there.

Where: The Elliott Bay Book Company.

When: Monday, Dec. 12 at 7 p.m.

How Much: There is no entry fee, however, if you would like to have “Pilgrimage” signed, you can pick up a copy at Elliott Bay for $50. Please note that Ms. Leibovitz will only be signing her most recent book.