IslandWood Invites You To Rediscover Nature

An exciting new adult program from the expansive outdoor education center.

Remember outdoor science camp? You ditched school, parents and annoying siblings for an entire week and basked in the glory of nature. You slept outdoors — or maybe in a dirty cabin. You learned about bugs, plants, and constellations, and how to hike, canoe, and rock climb. You learned about proper first aid procedure (you were bound to get hurt after all that). You even learned how to survive in the wilderness (a dream scenario at the time).

If this makes you nostalgic, then you’re in luck. You can relive all of your childhood memories at a hidden gem, just a short ferry ride from Seattle — and a million miles from your desk job. Established in 2002, IslandWood is a 255-acre outdoor learning center located on Bainbridge Island.

Since its inception, kids from all over the Puget Sound area have attended IslandWood’s outdoor camps. Nearly a decade later, IslandWood now offers fun for grown-up kids as well – an overnight educational retreat for Seattle students.

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The program includes an exclusive opportunity to explore IslandWood’s network of trails that spans five eco-systems. Go it alone, or take a guided tour. The three-hour walk will take you through a bog, cattail marsh, pond, forest and ravine.

If you’d like a little more luxury with your landscape, IslandWood boasts four comfortable lodges, each one complete with a stone fireplace – an idyllic setting for two. On the other hand, large meeting rooms and a dining hall with its own culinary team make the retreat an ideal venue for weddings or conferences.

The next guided walking tour of IslandWood will take place at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 15. Please RSVP online. What are you waiting for? Get back to your roots. Mother Nature misses you.

IslandWood | 4450 Blakely Ave. N.E., Bainbridge Island | (206) 855-4300