Dine on a Dime: Pinky’s Kitchen

A barbecue-inspired food truck rolls into Wallingford.

Parked on the corner of 45th St. and Thackeray Pl. sits Pinky’s Kitchen, a mobile food stop offering cheap sliders, macaroni and cheese and a choice of five barbecue sauces – the ultimate comfort food. A friend and I stopped in on a blistery Sunday night and were greeted with warm, smiling faces. Most people ordered their meals to go, but we were so hungry we took shelter in the tent set up next to the truck, and sunk our teeth in.

Meal steals: Pinky’s three best dishes under $10

At only $2.85 a pop, you can’t pass up the sliders. Choose from pulled pork, brisket, chicken, sloppy joe or veggie joe. I had one of each of the first three without toppings. The girl who took our order recommended which sauce for each slider and she was spot on. The bun is a key component in a delicious sandwich and in this case, the toasted ciabiatta rolls were perfection.

The spice rubbed chicken sandwich ($7) is just the right size to satisfy your hunger – and leave a little room for some of their hot fresh potato chips, of which we (and everyone else who came by) were given a free sample! Add coleslaw, pickled cabbage, shoestring onions, pickles, or even mac and cheese as a topping for less than a buck.

They were out of the crispy topped mac n’ cheese ($4), but from what I’ve heard it’s creamy and delicious, and you get a huge serving.

Make sure you try a little bit of each barbecue sauce – they’re all different, but amazing, and have that perfect smokiness to complete the sandwich.

Pinky’s Kitchen | 210 NE 45th St., Seattle | (206) 257-5483