Dine on a Dime: Marination Station

SPAM sliders — need I say more?

What’s better than a meld of Korean and Hawaiian cuisine on the cheap? When it’s on wheels all over Seattle. Marination has a station on top of the QFC in Capitol Hill and a food truck in a different neighborhood every day of the week but Sunday. Ever since devouring the spicy pork taco on my first visit, I thought about not much else besides going back and ordering the entire menu.

Meal steals: Marination’s three best dishes under $10

You know how people ask if you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you eat? I think the Kimchi Rice Bowl ($5.50) might be it. It’s served with a perfect sunny side up egg on top and the optional choice of kalbi beef, spicy pork, miso ginger chicken, or sexy tofu. The serving is hefty and can be two meals, but you’ll end up eating the entire thing in one sitting like I may have. A few squirts of Sriracha completes the meal.

The tacos ($2.50) come with a choice of the same meat options as above and are served in two warm small corn tortillas, then topped with their own Nunya Sauce and signature slaw. I order three and it gets the job done.

Marination does SPAM sliders on a warm, sweet roll ($2.50), and they do them well. If you’re unsure about trying the signature food of Hawaii just yet, you can get them with shredded kalua pork.

Marination also has a rotating menu with SPAM musubi and spicy pork tortas that I’m sure are incredible. Check out their website for the mobile locations and stop by for lunch!

Marination Station | 1412 Harvard Avenue, Seattle