Happenin’ Happy Hour: The Sloop Tavern

Like beer?  like big mugs?  Like big mugs full of beer?  Well there’s only one thing left to do – dock at the sloop tavern.

Looking for a bar where you can’t tell whether that salty smell is coming from the Puget Sound or the elder gentlemen smiling at you?  You are!  Friend, I would like to introduce to the grittiest tavern in town – The Sloop.

Must Have Eats: Steeped in boating lore, maritime trophies, and pool tables The Sloop Tavern has been a part of the blue collar Ballard community for over 50 years.  That length in operation has a bottom line theme of they’re doing something right.  Yes, the galley (they call it a galley) produces above average American classics and the drinking hole even has nightly dinner specials during the week (Taco Tuesday!  Meatballs and spaghetti with salad Thursdays!), but on this rare occasion, I would like to bypass the usual happy hour review, and shine the spotlight on a singularly special special – the ability to sloopersize.

Must Have Drinks:  Now those out there who know what I’m talking about are currently nodding their heads in understanding.  What I, and many others have experienced is the super-sizing of one’s beer to 33.8 ounces of delight.  A monk’s worth of domestic is $4.50 while stepping up to richer local microbrews (you know, Mannys, Mac and Jack, Mongoose IPA, Pyramid Haywire) only adds $2.  Many a night, a finished sloopersize offering of Maritime Nightwatch dark ale was the last suggestion that I needed to turn in for the night.  Finishing the large stein makes you feel like a man (or impressive woman).  Finishing two makes you feel like a god (or goddess).

In a time when mixology is raging (rightly so), it’s hard to get excited about something as simple as beer in a glass.  That being said, rarely have I seen eyes so excited about their future drink as when watching a Sloop bartender hoist an over-poured mug of rich concoction to an expectant patron.  It’s the face children make when Santa actually comes through with the goods.  More simply, it’s the face people make when they’re really looking forward to a really big beer.  It’s the face of happiness.

Happy Times:  All the time.

The Sloop Tavern| 2830 NW Market St, Seattle | (206) 782-3330