Virtual Vanity: Ritual Cleanse

The not-so-secret… health and beauty secret in a bottle.

“Sorry; I can’t. I’m cleansing” is basically the new “I’m staying in tonight to wash my hair.” Juice fads are nothing new among A-listers. From Gwyneth’s 21-day fast to Salma’s juicing side business, the stars are always eager to share their smart sipping secrets. But now, thanks to all the new juice cleansing programs on the market, you don’t necessarily need celebrity status in order to enjoy a flush of excitement.

I have been meaning to do a cleanse forever. I can slam down my supper instead of aimlessly loitering up and down the aisles at Whole Foods for an hour? Cool. I went with Ritual Cleanse‘s delicious 3-day Seasonal Reset. Here’s the deal: tons of great stuff (think: kale, ginger, agave nectar, lemon, and cashew) all fresh-pressed and put into these super chic (seriously; they look like a Japanese shampoo system) numbered bottles. The instructions are vaguely Sesame Street and impossible to mess up. Drink in order, one every two or so hours. Plus, you get all the decaf green tea and filtered water you want.


I honestly did not want the juices to stop. I loved not wasting one single second wondering what I was going to eat. Confession: I am not a foodie, incredibly impatient, and store beauty products in my fridge, so if you actually love cooking and chewing I can’t promise you’ll be equally as giddy. But the whole time I was surprisingly really, really full  –  in the best way possible. I had Gummy Bear-like energy, my looked thinner, and they tasted delicious. The #2 (mango, pineapple, young coconut water, green apple) was so cheerful I felt like I was poolside – minus the tan lines and hangover, of course.

At the very least it may help to correct your strange cravings or at least take some of the guilt off last weekend for you. And, great news, Ritual Cleanse is offering 20% off to Seattleite readers. Use the code SeattleiteRead when you check out. Happy Cleansing!