Get down below beauty at Salon Dewi in Capitol Hill.

I was psyched when Travis, my favorite bikini waxer ever, casually invited me to come in for a “Bikini Blast.” Being almost cult leader-y obsessed with everything-off waxing (plus, an ahem… investigative beauty journalist by trade), I was already vaguely familiar with the treatment. To put it bluntly: it’s a facial for your private parts. You know, steaming, peels, masques, extractions, buffing — the works.

Consult Salon Dewi next time you need to re-vamp your lady business.

When it comes to beauty treatments, a Brazilian bikini wax doesn’t register as highly on the relaxation scale as, say, a hot stone massage. However, if you’ve booked a winter getaway that requires a skimpy swimsuit — or you just want to pretty your kitty — a little maintenance “down there” is decidedly serious business. One that demands the most trusted waxers in town.