Sublime Design: This is Object

The definitive visuals of Northwest influence.

Booth-life at Pike Place Market preys on the tourists’ insatiable desire to purchase something inane and inconsequential, yet distinctly Seattle-esque. Magnets, shirts, art prints of the marketplace itself, it’s a hodgepodge of quickly-designed trinkets (not to disparage, some of the ingenuity and design is quite inspiring) intended to encapsulate a snapshot essence of our Emerald City.

For denizens of Seattle, Pike Place Market exists mainly for out-of-town friends and the intermittent desire to grab some fresh seafood, vegetables or fruit on a sunny day. Our demand for novelties depicting rainfall or the Space Needle is virtually nonexistent (there’s no need to remind ourselves of something so perpetually present). In contrast, we desire something so subtly Seattle it emanates the traces of our hometown’s aesthetic from the very fibers of its design.

Our desires are satisfied by Charlie Schuck’s Object.

Object began as a series of pop-ups and satellite parties in Schuck’s studio loft (he’s also an excellent photographer, amid other talents), located on the Hill. Once the loft became untenable due to rent hike, Schuck began to look for alternatives. His search led him to a storefront in Belltown, available at an incredibly reasonable price. And so, Object’s permanent home became Belltown.

Aleksandra Pollner & Emmett Smith

Within the confines of the retail space, Charlie displays Object’s merch with a photographer’s eye for space and lighting and an artist’s inclination for aesthetic appeal (“merch” is a vulgar term to attribute to the amazing design and artwork in Object. Forgive my diction). The store plays host largely to Northwest designers and Northwest-influenced design: Chadhaus, Iacoli and McAllister, BLk Pine, L&G, et cetera.

Schuck now functions as an established tastemaker of Northwest design. If a piece is photogenically displayed in Object, it’s safe to assume the designer has come into her own.

Object | 2316 2nd Ave, Seattle | Thurs. – Sat., 1 – 7 p.m. (or by appointment) | (206) 459-3876

The essence of Northwest design falls somewhere in between materiality and wilderness.