The Radar: Big Woody Limos

Good times and woody’s go together.

Forget the stripper poles and strobe lights–Big Woody Limos has revolutionized the modern day concept of a ‘party bus’ into one that has class,comfort, and fun written all over their spacious busses’ living room designed interiors.

Masterminded by founders, friends and travel buddies Ken McCutcheon and Devin Luther, Big Woody Limos provides a unique and entertaining way to travel with friends, co-workers or family to your next exciting occasion.

Equipped with an iPod hookup and excellent sound system, plush couches and loveseats, a dance area and room for up to 36 guests—this one-of-a-kind mode of transportation will have you enlisting their services for all sorts of events.

Fashioned in the style of the iconic ‘woodie’ cars and station-wagons, the original Big Woody was born a mere school bus in 1978. After many years of faithful service it was sold to Ken Sr. who planned on converting it into an R.V—as fate would have it though, the stars aligned for this lucky Blue Bird and Ken Sr. graciously donated it to Ken and Devin’s burgeoning business.

Complete with a cedar ceiling and cozy, customized couches and seats along with an eye-catching metallic blue and oak-paneled exterior—Big Woody limos are the latest and greatest party bus trend. We suggest you hop on.