Design Junkie: Wall Décor

Operation: Decoration

We often think the home has to be practical so we forget about the accent pieces that make it unique.  A great way to spruce up the home or decorate a new home is to add wall decorations that express your style.  These statement wall pieces are bound to fit your personality, inspire conversation and get rid of that white wall.

Vibrant Wall

Instantly add color and warmth with Graham & Brown’s newest wallpaper designs – The Legacy Collection. Inspired by travel and the glamour of Hollywood’s hotels you will see a variety of updated vintage patterns and a warm color palette – gold, grey, eastern red and cream.  Amongst its many different colors and designs this collection includes six different fabric effects in damask, floral, trellis and geometric textures to best suit your home décor.

Legacy Collection | $8-160 per roll | Available at Graham & Brown

Elegant Wall

If your home is small or you have a small room in your house add a mirror to make it feel bigger.  The Chantilly Vines Mirror from Anthropologie is a hand carved wooden mirror that will add volume and style to your room.  The lace-like carvings framing the mirror make this an elegant choice of wall décor that will enhance any room in your house.

Chantilly Vines Mirror | $128 | Available at Anthropologie

 Earthy Wall

The vertical garden trend is for plant lovers and apartment livers who don’t have a garden.  These pouches by Woollypocket are made in the US from recycled plastic water bottles and are perfect for making a vertical herb garden, tropical arrangement or a home for succulents.  The best part about Woollypocket’s Living Wall Planters is that you get to choose your plants and watch them grow into an art piece!

Living Wall Planters | $40-150 | Available at Woollypocket

 Artistic Wall

Instead of posting a painting on your wall add dimension with C. Jere’s 3-D Rain Drop Sculpture.  The gorgeous mix of metal, brass and mirrors creates an eye-catching design that resembles the beauty of raindrops.   Add this piece of mid-century modern art to your home and it is sure to jazz up your boring old white wall.

C. Jere Rain Drops Sculpture | $1,800 | Available at Jonathan Adler