Design Junkie: Stylish Pets

Treat your home — and your pet!

Nothing ruins a lavish soiree like tattered pet toys and beds.  Instead of hiding your pet gear show off your little guy and get stylish animal accessories that add to the home.  These practical decorations will keep your house looking nice and your pet proud.

Stylish Living

Aruliden’s Fishscape bowl is a functional art piece that will have your guests swooning over your pet.  Made in Turkey and hand-blown each bowl is one-of-a-kind.  Treat your fish to a new spacious environment and your décor will instantly be updated.

Fishscape | $140 | Available at Aruliden

Stylish Scratching

The common cat scratcher looks out of place and unappealing, but the PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge is just the opposite – inconspicuous and sleek.  Made of corrugated cardboard and molded into a modern shape this cat scratcher doubles as both a cat lounger and scratcher.  Your cat is sure to love this new piece of furniture and you will too!

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge | $54.95 | Available on Amazon

Stylish Feeding

Add some color to your kitchen with Jonathan Adler’s striped pet bowls!  These bowls are striped in different colors and meant to be mixed and matched to give your animals feeding bowls character.  The bowls come in different sizes so they can be used for all different sized pets – cat’s, dogs etc.

Pet Bowls | $50-78 | Available at Jonathan Adler

Stylish Lounging

Stop hiding your animal’s bed when guests come over and get Misk Design’s Petsmood collection.  This collection integrates your animal’s bed into your home with functional and stylish pieces of furniture.  To fit both your pets preference and your current décor there are six different styles of furniture in three neutral colors.

Petsmood | $1,990-3,590 | Available at Pet Modern