Virtual Vanity: Beach Babe Hair

How to get the sexy tousled surfer girl look.

Even if you’re partial to a more polished look, there’s something supremely sexy about true California beach babe hair. Think: more Roxy surfer girl versus glossy MTV reality show cast member. This look is tousled, tangled, and totally sun-drenched.

So, how to mimic the sculpted-by-the-shore look if you happen reside in gray Seattle?

I visited Jeremy Novak at the Lisa Power Salon for some advice. Jeremy is a total color guru (he’s been featured in publications including Allure and American Salon) so it’s no surprise he knew exactly what to do.  Here are some his top tips:

  • Go for a more refined look with your ombre hair color. Ombre hair continues to be one of the more popular trends in color and it’s no surprise – it’s seriously sexy and super easy to maintain. To stay current, Jeremy suggests opting for a natural look. “Think of the way a child’s hair looks after spending a day at the beach. Keeping it more refined with color added to break up the base with make the look more natural instead of that intense, obvious divide.”
  • Forget about being perfect. When you want to an authentic playing-in-the-waves look, resist the urge to flat iron your bangs or obsess about forming perfect ringlets. “This look is about embracing imperfection,” Jeremy says.
  • Make friends with your diffuser.  Jeremy is a big fan of using a diffuser to help bring out hair’s natural wave. “They’re also great for adding texture, which is crucial with this look,” Jeremy says.  To use: cup hair around the fingers of the diffuser and work evenly around your head. Have fine hair? Flip your head over first. Diffuse until hair is 80 percent dry and allow the rest to air-dry.

Jeremy Novak at Lisa Power Salon | 536 5th Ave, Seattle | (206) 216-2900