Design Junkie Profile: Urbanata

See the new local home design showroom with international reach in SODO.

Don’t let Urbanata’s company age fool you.  Though certainly young and fresh, one would be remiss to pinch her proverbial cheeks and call her “cute,” “naïve,” or “dainty.”  Take our word for it: she has more va-va-voom behind those showroom doors than her infant age betrays.

Though taking only nine months to develop and having opened in SODO in April 2012, Urbanata has quickly become the premiere home design company in Seattle.  Taking cues from local sister company, Bamboo Hardwoods, Urbanata has carried on the tradition of luxury, experience, and sustainable design of the industry expert and has added its own element of innovation, creativity, and affordability that the Pacific Northwest has never seen before.

“Urbanata is a collaboration of all the people [Bamboo Hardwoods] has been working with for the past ten years,” explains Mikey McAllister, General Manager of Urbanata.  “Because we’ve been in the industry for so long, we already knew who was good and who we wanted to include in the showroom.  Having those relationships with vendors and designers made the development of Urbanata a piece of cake.”

And we are reaping the benefits.  Created for the designed-challenged and industry experts alike, the 10,000 sq. ft. retail showroom brings to life the products and styles previously known to Seattleites as just pretty pictures on glossy home magazines.  Urbanata has done all the research and has assembled full sets of handpicked, modern products that veer away from the outlandish and garish and instead lean more towards the clean lines and simple textures characteristic of a modern, Asian aesthetic with a European flair.

“We offer design appliances that no one on the West Coast, or to be honest, anyone west of the Mississippi shows,” says McAllister.  We’re going to continue to showcase these products that Seattle hasn’t seen before to push the beauty and quality envelope to fashion the homes of Seattleites.”

To do so, Urbanata offers innovative products like Gaulhofer Windows.  Never offered in Seattle before, these FCC-certified Austrian windows sport a durable tilt-and-turn feature that is engineered with ventilation, security, water penetration, and ease of maintenance in mind.  These windows are typical of the high-end products Urbanata offers without slapping on a high-end retail price.

“We know everyone has their own design,” says McAllister, “but people who come in realize that everything that they were looking for is right here at Urbanata.”

And that’s the Urbanata way — to keep home design local, fresh, and green the way only Seattle can.

So don’t underestimate this not-so-new home design newbie.  Nobody puts “baby” in a corner, remember?

Urbanata | 4100 4th Avenue S., Seattle | (206) 267-1737