Virtual Vanity: Sexy, Summer Hair (Take Two)

How  to score that coveted, effortlessly-gorgeous Brigitte Bardot-esque beach hair.

We know, we know: it’s finally sunny and the last thing in the entire world you want to do is spend your weekend afternoon wielding a curling iron. Ugh! But just because you’re going unplugged all summer doesn’t mean you have to slop out another ponytail or top knot.

How to score that coveted, effortlessly-gorgeous Brigitte Bardot-esque beach hair? In one word: products. We visited with super skilled stylist Steph Popovici of Emerson Salon to get her picks for summertime haircare musts:

1. Evo’s Salty Dog

“This is a product that is great for all hair types! It gives you that fresh from the beach malleability, salty texture and fullness. I love using it on either wet or dry hair. Spray in before you style to give a little gritty salty-ness to your hair. Spritz it all over and then try scrunching while using a diffuser to dry your hair. You can also spray it in a let air dry if you have a little natural wave already. Personally, I love to spray in a little after I have been at the beach. It helps refresh the my style from earlier without making me feel too ‘done’.”

2. Kevin Murphy Hair Resort

“This is similar to the Salty Dog, but the Hair Resort is more of a lotion. It’ll calm frizz while giving your hair a boost. The Honey Extract gives a great hold and seals in moisture while the citrus extracts of grapefruit and tangerine work together locking down the cuticle for shine. It’s amazing for helping to cut down on any excess oils you might have in these sticky months.

To use, start with application at the ends of your hair and work up. A good rule of thumb is to start with a nickel-sized amount. Let hair air dry or blow dry for amazing volume and shine.”

3. Alterna Bamboo UV Color Care UV + Fade-Proof Fluide

“This an absolute must for summer whether or not you color your hair. We all love the beachy texture, but no one likes the frizz. Sun can do amazing things to our hair. It gives us surfer girl color in summer, but it also can damage our hair much like it can to our skin if we aren’t careful.
Bamboo’s  UV fluid protects the hair from various pollutions and harmful rays.

Use it used alone as a sunscreen or cocktailed with your daily styling routine. It will give you amazing shine and softness, plus it’ll protect hair and tame frizz.”

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