Happenin’ Happy Hour: Lucky 8’s China House

What happens when an early love of restaurants and a uniquely named uncle come together?  Lucky 8’s China House on Capitol Hill.

As will happen, most restaurants have a pretty interesting story of how they came to be.  In the quaintly tucked Lucky 8’s case on Capitol Hill, all it took was 25 plus years in the industry for co-owner Bracey Rogers, an Uncle named Villepique, and a reoccurring question from his wife:  How can I get some General Tsao’s chicken delivered?

Bracey wanted to fill the demand, and from the eatery’s tucked location just south of Chop Suey, it has not only the quality of food, but the bike to do it as well.  That said, the best way to enjoy Lucky 8’s is in its bright, cheeky retail space.  The stools are straight off a street food stretch in Hong Kong, and a gargantuan Chinese to-go box oversees the whole operation.  Such pomp and circumstance requires quality, and Chef Josh Redfern (with years of Caribbean cooking and a Michelin star restaurant behind him) has the discipline to pack tasty, complex flavors into what appear to be simple dishes.  Between Bracey’s surfer cool, Redfern’s quiet confidence, and an authentically smiling staff, a diner is only left to relax and enjoy.

Must Have Eats: Everything.  And for the prices on the happy hour menu, you’ll have enough left over to walk to any venue on The Hill and pick up a ticket for the night’s show afterwards.  The won ton soup is peppered and filled with goodies ($2.50).  Spring and egg rolls are on point, crunching all the way through ($1.50 each).  Five lightly tempura’d prawns soak in a sweet broth with celery, carrots, and lettuce ($5.95).  But the star is the falling off the bone, stuff on my mouth but I don’t care, Szechuan rib who’s tangy flavors will leave you content, and wondering, “How’s this only $2?  I need three more.  Now.  Garcon!”

Must Have Drinks: Lucky 8’s happy hour drink list is a fun one with the new darling shot of the moment, the herb laced Fernet Branca for $3 a pop.  Back it up with a tall PBR for $2, and you have the best shot and a beer combination in town.  To round out the fun, wells and your preferable color of wine go for $4. Not to be forgotten or overlooked is a delightful custom cocktail list with a drink named after Bracey’s late Uncle Villepique (light and dark rum with various juices in a tiki glass – $10) and a bourbon based glass of goodness named the Broken Spoke, featuring chartrause and a strong to very strong wedge of lime for $8.

Happy Times:  4-6 p.m. and 10 p.m. – 1 a.m. Monday through Friday.  10 p.m. – 1 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Lucky 8’s China House| 1407 14th Ave, Seattle | (206) 328-0888