Fountain of Youth We Crave: Ageless

Turn back time with this anti-aging destination in Seattle.

Wellness Zone

Ageless is the place to go for expert cosmetic treatments. As a specialist and nationally recognized expert in this field, Dr. Barbara Schell understands skin and the aging process; as a woman she understands how aging affects a woman’s self image; and as an artist she will make you look and feel amazing. Dr. Schell and her expert staff  provide you with truthful advice, the best care possible, and extraordinary yet natural results. At this fountain of youth destination, all of the treatments are customized to the individual’s needs.

Crave Factor

Most “medical spas” do not have a physician on site, let alone properly qualified. Dr. Schell is a nationally recognized, expert in Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, a rare combination of credentials. Her and her team truly care about their customers; providing honesty, expertise and excellent results to every client.

Ageless in Seattle | 601 N. 34th St., Ste C, Seattle | (206) 467-1000

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