Sexy Food: Il Corvo’s Mike Easton Joins the Star Chef Lineup at Burning Beast

Burning Beast is Seattle carnivores’ annual answer to Burning Man, only with a lot more meat.

This year in addition to the usual star-studded lineup of famous chefs from around the region, Chef Mike Easton of Il Corvo Pasta notoriety, will get down with his bad self and a Sardinian-style goat.

What is Burning Beast?

On July 15th a dozen of Seattle’s finest chefs will descend on Smoke Farm, 360 rural acres along the Stillaguamish River just north of Seattle, to prepare a feast of sustainably raised meat in the most primitive way possible- over an open fire. At the end of the meaty eve, a giant wooden beast burns bright in the night sky, as if to say, we are man, we are strong, and we eat meat!!

Where does Easton fit in?

Locals may be most familiar with Mike Easton’s daily inspired menu of handmade pasta at Il Corvo tucked away on the steps of the Pike Place Market Hill Climb, but this chef has much more up his sleeve.

At Burning Beast Mike Easton will be preparing a Sardinian-style goat, roasted and basted with the dripping fat from a flaming slab of lardo. The lardo is a salt cured pork fatback which has been curing since Mike first received word he was selected to participate. By the day of Burning Beast, the lardo will have been cured with rosemary and spices for a total of six weeks. And if that’s not enough to get carnivores drooling and vegetarian’s hearts palpitating, chef Easton will be basting the goat using a basting brush of fresh rosemary branches.

“Burning Beast has always sounded like a blast. What could be more fun than cooking entire animals on an open fire?” said Mike Easton. “I really wanted to do a preparation that would be delicious and a bit dramatic, and I am sure guests won’t be disappointed.”

Guests at Burning Beast can also enjoy a variety of other animals including rabbit, ducks, cow, pig, lamb, elk, buffalo, salmon and shellfish. And for the vegetarians brave enough to attend, there will even be vegetables. Tickets to Burning Beast 2012, are sold out, but to reserve your spot for next year and learn more about Burning Beast and the other chefs participating visit