Sexy Food: Thermador Steams Things Up in the Kitchen

Latest in kitchen appliance technology means it’s getting hot in herre.

Sexy Food starts with sexy kitchen appliances, and no one makes them better than Thermador. I had the recent privilege to tour their showroom in sunny Orange County, California, and yes, that Ca-a-alifo-o-ornia song was on constant loop in my head the entire time. Don’t tell me you don’t miss The OC as a television show- it was teen drama soft porn at its finest. But aside from sculpted beach bodies, the OC also makes a mean kitchen appliance, my showroom tour revealed.

Two standout appliances made me realize that you can’t create a masterpiece without an excellent set of tools, and I’m going to share them with you, lest you find yourself in the market for some killer kitchen contraptions.

The first is an innovative breakthrough in induction cooking the likes of which the world has never seen. It’s called the Freedom induction cooktop, and what makes it so groundbreaking is the fact that the entire surface is one giant burner, rather than limiting the heating power to several smaller zones. This means that you have the freedom to use any size pot or pan anywhere on the surface, and advanced technology enables the cooktop to sense where the pan is and what size, in order to heat it precisely and evenly.

Induction itself is a relatively new style of cooking, because it uses magnetic heating coils to quickly and consistently heat. It has been popular in Europe for years because it takes up less space than an equivalent gas range, but there is a safety benefit as well, because the cooktop doesn’t get hot to the touch the way gas or electric does. The Freedom Induction simply takes it one step farther by placing induction coils under the entire surface of the unit (48 of them, to be exact), giving it 63% more cooking area than competitive products.

But if you’re an old fashioned gal looking for a one stop shop, Thermador’s Pro Grand Steam is 48 inches of dual fuel funk power. It’s a seven-in-one appliance, meaning you have seven different ways to whip up whimsical culinary creations.

First off, it’s got Thermador’s patented star burner gas cooktop, which has quickly become an industry leader for its ability to heat more surface area of the pot placed upon it. It’s also got a titanium griddle and grill that’s ideal for searing off steaks when you don’t want to fire up the barbie.

The main oven boasts a huge capacity and is electric convection, again leading the industry for its capacity and precision. There is a warming drawer for keeping plates toasty while you cook, and finally, yet another industry leader, the steam convection oven.

Steam convection or combi-style ovens have been in use in commercial applications since the 1970’s, but they’re just now gaining popularity in American residential kitchens. Cooking with steam has obvious health benefits in that you don’t need to use near as much oil, but it’s also great for producing tender, moist results that let you walk away and focus on something else rather than basting away. It’s also excellent for molecular gastronomy cooking, which requires extremely precise temperatures (often very low) and the ability to control the moisture in the air.

Thermador is THE one to watch in kitchen appliance innovation. Next time you find yourself in need of replacing something, you know where to look. Now get out there and create some sexy food, kids.