Summer Jet Set: Travel Necessities

A few good gadgets can go a long way when you’re far away from home.

Avoid the common travel disasters like wrinkly clothes, burnt out hair dryers or uncharged phones with a few travel essentials.  These necessities will guarantee easy travels so that you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation!

For the Stylish

When you like to travel in style keeping your clothes wrinkle-free is essential.  The Shirt Shuttle is a hard case for dress shirts and other small clothing items that minimizes wrinkles.  The convenience of this case is that it is small, waterproof and has a handy hook to be hung in closets.

The Shirt Shuttle| $30

For the Music Junkie

iPods are getting sleeker so why shouldn’t your headphones!  Don’t compromise sound or style with the new Marshall Major White headphone.  While the headband is made of vinyl the earmuffs are a soft cushion canceling out most outside noise for your listening pleasure, but the best part about these headphones is that they are completely collapsible and take up little space while traveling.

Marshall Major White Headphones | $120

For the Techie

Now a days it seems we all run on technology and although its nice to get away there are a few essentials that need to be powered. The Energizer iSurge Charging Station is a multi-purpose adapter that works as an iPhone dock, USB plug-in and has three AC outlets.  With this device nothing will be left uncharged!

The Energizer iSurge Charging Station | $60

For the Organized

The TSA liquid carry-on limit makes it hard to bring all of your essential toiletries.  However, The Humangear GoToob makes it a little bit easier.  The Humangear GoToob is the best toiletry travel bottle out there – it has a silicone body, which makes it easy to dispense your shampoos and lotions without leaking all over your suitcase.

The Humangear GoToob | $6-20