Summer Jet Set: Northwest Adventures

Adventurous activities abound in the Northwest. Pick a sunny weekend to stay close to home and enjoy a new sport in our corner of the country. You won’t have to go far– there are plenty of exciting excursions around the breathtaking area we call home.

Windsurf on Hood river

Glide across the water while surfing and sailing at the same time. Windsurfing lessons in Hood River, Oregon will teach you to master this wind-propelled board. “The Hook,” a protected harbor built for learning the sport, provides a fun, worry-free location for lessons. The river is also ideal for stand-up paddleboarding, sailing, and, for those less inclined to get wet, sunbathing.

Windsurfing Lessons | $199 | Hood River Waterplay

Hike Mt. Ranier

Can you say you’ve climbed the peak that graces Washington’s license plates?  Learn to scale the summit with a three-and-a-half day beginner’s climb of Mt. Rainier. With an instructor for every two climbing students, the program provides personal training at a comfortable pace. Explore the breathtaking, snow-covered mountain that defines our state while hiking and camping on Mt. Rainier.

Beginner’s Summit Climb | $1280 | International Mountain Guides

Kayak in the San Juans

Paddle around San Juan Island on a kayak tour or solo adventure. Watch for whales and wildlife as you enjoy a breathtaking, scenic journey that’s just hours from the city. Sea Quest Expeditions offers a day-long kayak tour, which meets in Friday Harbor and takes kayakers into waters home to 90 killer whales. When your finished, visit other Friday Harbor highlights like the San Juan Vineyards, ZIP San Juan zip line, and the world’s skinniest latte shop.

Kayak Tour | $89 | Sea Quest Expeditions