Plugged In: Music Monday, “As The Clouds Drift By” by Song Sparrow Research

An experimental and dreamy track to start your week.

“As The Clouds Drift” is the first single off of Song Sparrow Research’s self-titled album, which was released on July 26. Known for their blends of experimental, rock, folk, jazz, and classical, the group has already received positive reviews from local music press for their sophomore album.

The band takes its name from a university research project where one of the band members helped track and investigate how song sparrows learn their songs and develop a song repertoire. He was trying to find out which factors are important in the birds’ early life in determining their song repertoires, which will remain with them the rest of their lives.

If you like Neil Young and 70’s folk with a twist, you may want to give Song Sparrow Research a listen. Purchase and download the entire album at Bandcamp.

Photo provided by Chantal Andrea from Song Sparrow Research album release party on July 26 at Columbia City Theater.