Grub Alert: The Troubadour Baker

Photo by Michael Seidel.

Scrumptious pastry indulgences delivered straight to your doorstep — each week.

Here’s how it works: with a Troubadour Baker subscription, every Monday baked goods such as classic old-fashioned cookies, the highly praised fruit and nut granola or even the “baker’s surprise” will be conveniently placed at your welcome mat.

Photo by Michael Seidel.

Deliveries are made between 1 and 4 p.m., and subscribers will be able to express preferences for their baked goods, but the goal of The Troubadour Baker is to create a “fun culinary adventure,” according to its website.  In some neighborhoods, arrangements can be made to have the goodies delivered directly to offices, providing a cure for the Mondays to those stuck at work all day.

Some other confections you may find on your porch include multigrain pancake mix, spiced nuts, savory scones or mouthwatering brownie bites.

Prices of a subscription vary based on its length.  An eight-week subscription is $240, four weeks costs $120, and it is $40 for a one-time delivery.

Other delectable treats such as cakes, tarts, ice cream and sorbet, and more are can be ordered as well, but are not included in the delivery subscription.  Delights such as the coconut cream layer cake, the “Toast of the Town” mousse cake and the apple custard tart would have anyone craving seconds.

The Troubadour Baker’s owner Michael Seidel is also the pastry chef at Tilikum Place Cafe in Belltown. He received his training as a baker in the Pastry and Specialty Baking program at South Seattle Community College.

The Troubadour Baker’s website features dozens of recipes so even beginner chefs can create scrumptious desserts in their own homes.

The Troubadour Baker is the perfect place for Seattleites to turn whether they are looking for conveniently delivered baked goods, tantalizing wedding cakes or dessert ideas for their dinners at home.

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