Virtual Vanity: h2OMG! Relaxing in Yuan Spa’s Water Wonderland

Bellevue’s vaguely new-ish Yuan Spa will baby you so big-time you’ll feel as though you’ve crawled into some sort of wonderful, water-y, beauty-centric womb. Don’t let the unassuming exterior of this new spa’s exterior fool you: inside awaits a

watery oasis. The space (read: celestial-looking chandeliers, glittering tiles in the twilight steam room and super luxe treatment rooms) is stunning.

Yuan is known for its hydrotherapy, so be sure to arrive early and take full advantage. Here’s how it works: you BYOB (bring your own bathing suit) and hop between two pools – one hot, one cool. Select your favorite softening body scrub and take a brief intermission in the eucalyptus steam room, a dark steamy oasis with sparkling blue lights built into the ceiling and herbal-infused air.

I booked the Signature Chinese Body Scrub, which involves an intensive skin-sloughing, facial exfoliation, and hair conditioning. The whole experience bordered on Marie Antoinette-style decadent. The treatment begins by climbing up onto an elevated slip and slide for the most extensive scrub-down of life. After getting washed down with giant buckets of hot water, you’ll get cocooned in  giant, hot towels and treated to a scalp massage.

I left Yuan feeling spoiled, baby-soft, and desperate to go back for more.

Yuan Spa | 1032 106th Ave NE, Bellevue | (425) 449-8788