Dynamic Seattleites: Master Makers, Caitlin Agnew and Lana Morisoli

Caitlin Agnew (L) and Lana Morisoli (R) of MAKERS. Photo by Cordell Hardy.

Trendsetting and trailblazing — this stylishly creative duo redefine the work place.

Caitlin Agnew (L) and Lana Morisoli (R) of MAKERS. Photo by Cordell Hardy.

In a world fueled by technology, freelancers, bloggers, and cloud-based computing, the traditional work place has become obsolete and the demand for flexible work environments is on the rise. Many office drifters crowd in bustling coffee shops, or work from home, ending up distracted trying to balance life and work.

But no longer will we be tortured by the question — “where shall I work today?”

Inspired by the free spirit Seattle is known and loved for, 30 year old Seattle area native, Caitlin Agnew and her business partner, Lana Morisoli, 31, who calls Queen Ann her home, have teamed up and are changing the way we do business.

“We knew that co-working would provide us the balance of social interaction and still being independent,” says Morisoli.

This past June, Agnew and Morisoli debuted MAKERS, a multi purpose coworking space that allows small business owners, and entrepreneurs a place to hold meetings, rent work spaces or conduct business meetings.

“My dream for MAKERS is for it to be a hub for, well literally…’makers’ – creators, doers, and innovators.  People doing interesting things, different things, yet all working in the same space,” says Agnew.

Although the existences of coworking spaces are on the rise, MAKERS is truly one of a kind. For starters, it is located in a quintessential Seattle neighborhood near Pike Place Market overlooking Elliott Bay on Lenora Street and 1st Ave., plus, it is centrally positioned around a variety of cafes, cocktail bars, boutiques, and public transit, as well as surrounded by a plethora of other downtown business.

The space itself is a 7,000 square-foot open space flooded in natural light. With a background in interior design, Morisoli has designed MAKERS to incorporate refurbished elements including salvaged windowpanes and desks made of recycled gym floorboards. Traditional (and ugly) office fixtures have been tucked from view allowing the space to be functional as well as fashionable.

“The look of our space sets us apart — it’s more of an experience rather then just a place with a desk and wifi —  because of that, we are attracting a creative and inspiring group of people,” Agnew says.

With a creative destination like this now open, people have the opportunity to come together from different industry backgrounds to network, to encourage each other and brainstorm together. Since their soft opening in April, MAKERS has had the opportunity to host a plethora of events.

“We focused on hosting business networking events, fundraisers, and events that really speak to our core demographic,” says Agnew, “Runner up for favorite event would be the Seattle Angel Conference because it represents so much of what Makers is all about; having an idea, making that idea a reality, and then having the opportunity to bring that idea to fruition with proper funding.”