Grub Alert: Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen Grand Opening

If you’re a barbecue lover, here’s some news to hoot and holler about.

It’s comfort food for the soul at its meatiest — Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen opens today in Ballard and they have plenty of finger lickin’ goodness to offer. House-smoked meats, six house-made sauces, mesquite-grilled steaks and Southern staples like grits, catfish, fried chicken and mac and cheese.  This is soul food served with Southern hospitality with a side of Southern comfort drinkin’.

This hot BBQ spot is brought to you by Nathan Opper and Zak Melang, owners of the Northwest branch of Matador restaurants and tequila bars.  Seattle-based but New Orleans-born chef Bo Maisano is also on-board; general manager Kris Moser, formerly of Il Terrazzo Carmine, and beverage manager Niles Peacock round off the team.

By the name, you know Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen is going to have some great beverages to pair with their barbeque.  Sip on some Southern classics you can’t say without a drawl like Mint Julep and Whiskey Smash, just plain classics like the Manhattan and Old Fashioned, a whiskey collection with labels from all over the world, more than a hundred wines and plenty of beer.

Kickin’ Boot is taking root in the Henry Gowan Whyte Building—formerly a millhouse that dates back to the 1920s.  The space still has its industrial feel: tons of steel, Redwood trusses and repurposed original fixtures. The patio extends out from the south side of the restaurant and looks out over the Lake Washington Ship Canal, with heated floors and other features to make it comfortable all year long.

Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen | 5309 22nd Avenue Northwest, Seattle | (206) 783-2668