Dynamic Seattleite: Epicurean Queen, Keren Brown

Foodportunity founder, Keren Brown. Photo by Cordell Hardy.

Trendsetting and trailblazing — this culinary goddess takes the Seattle foodie scene by storm.

Foodportunity founder, Keren Brown. Photo by Cordell Hardy.

An excitement for all things edible turned Keren Brown from food lover to full-fledged foodie entrepreneur—with Seattle as her culinary kingdom. From her blog, Foodportunity event series, and her book highlighting the best of the city’s eateries, this self-proclaimed “frantic foodie” created an epicure’s empire from her own sheer passion.

Brown’s book, “Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle,” was published one year ago, but her presence on the city’s eating scene was heralded by a history of foodie networking and blogging. With no formal culinary training, she fell in love with Seattle’s food upon her arrival six years ago.

“I’ve always liked to eat and cook, but moving to Seattle and seeing all of the fresh ingredients was what really intrigued me,” says Brown. “The minute I laid eyes on Pike Place Market, I just had this feeling that I want to explore everything in it.”

Taking to the streets of Seattle, Brown did more than simply explore. She became a culinary pioneer, and began hosting cooking classes, writing about the city’s food on her blog, Frantic Foodie, and gathering other foodie bloggers for discussions. What started as a small group evolved into a pack of 200 bloggers, and is now the Seattle Food Bloggers. Brown organizes events for the group, and used her network of foodies to host the first official Foodportunity event in 2009. It sold out. She now hosts events in Seattle and Portland.

For attendees, Foodportunity events are an unparalleled networking experience. “The first time you come, you meet a lot of people. The second time, you meet more people, and it just keeps building until you start feeling like a part of the food family,” says Brown.

While the events do allow foodies, journalists, and everyone in between to sample local food, their success creates relationships between Seattle’s food and the people who love it the most.

“People come back because they realize that this event is different then any other food event. They actually get to know the people behind the food,” Brown says.

Brown’s recommendations and expertise on Seattle eats expanded from blog to book when she compiled a guide to the city’s best restaurants, markets, recipes, and more. It’s now a culinary bible for Seattleites and visitors alike.

The food goddess’s entrepreneurial spirit has not gone unnoticed. In April 2010, she was named “Doer of the Week” by Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers site. And the mother of three isn’t slowing down.

“I’ve always been a go-getter. I need to keep my mind busy or I get bored,” Brown says. “I’m planning more Foodportunity events, speaking at conferences, doing book signings, and having a great time.”