Plugged In: Grynch Friday night at the Crocodile

Grynch and friends rock an all-ages show Friday night.

It was hard to miss the popsicle posters around town this month. At first glance, it reminded us of the long summer days of our childhood spent outside chasing the ice cream truck. It was also during those times that rappers like Grynch and Fearce of Dyme Def discovered Hip Hop music.

They all have their own stories of ditching the school books to write their own stories. After many reflections, the conclusion is always the same – you just got to keep going. Below is the song and video for Grynch, Fearce, and BeanOne’s collaboration called, “Tunnel Vision.”

Call it inspiration. Call it Hip Hop. Call your friends to meet you at the show.

Grynch performs at The Crocodile this Firday. Other artists on the bill include: RA Scion, Neema, Fearce & BeanOne, and DJ DV One. The show is presented by ReignCity.

Grynch| Friday, August 24 at 8PM |The Crocodile | click here for tickets