In the Know: Community Connector Michael Huang

These days, you can consider Michael Huang your unofficial agent. Social media executive, band manager, promoter, and mentor are just some his hats.

If you’ve got a passion to make a difference, Michael Huang will show you you’re not alone. Over the years he’s surrounded himself with like-minded innovators and trailblazers. From nonprofits and technology to music and dance, it’s all good when it’s for the better good.

By day, Huang is a digital marketing professional at Razorfish, a digital social media agency. Every minute in between, he’s a social entrepreneur. Combining his professional and personal networks, he’s managed to bring together people from all walks of life to create powerful and profound experiences for everyone. Win-win situations are his style.

Things started rolling when he landed a job with Red Bull as their campus ambassador. They were attracted to him because of his dancing background. The job allowed him to make connections with various groups on campus and flex his marketing skills.

For him, it wasn’t so much about the job title, but what it allowed him to do. He brought his brand and resources together, and at that point, it was about sharing the love and creating opportunities for others. Someone had taken a chance on him, and so it was only a matter of time that he would pay it forward.

When Huang first stepped onto campus at the University of Washington he knew he wanted to do something big. He considered himself lucky to even have made it into the university. If you ask him, he’ll say breakdancing saved him. It showed him he could have a positive future.

You can say Huang’s legacy at UW is the UW Hip Hop Student Association, which he founded in 2007. The association wasn’t just a hobby, it was a statement – that urban youth culture could be a powerful voice in society, even inside academia.

“I believe the energy of the world is in the youth,” says Huang.

After three successful years on UW Campus running Claws Out, a national breakdancing event founded in Los Angeles, this year Huang heads his own home grown event at the newly renovated Husky Union Building. The event, Reign Supreme, features a Crew vs. Crew competition featuring some of top dance crews in the nation, includes a $2,000 cash prize, and is in association with the Associated Students of University of Washington Arts and Entertainment.

“There’s a sense of local pride that powers people here,” says Huang. Though the competitors will be coming from all over the country, he and his team are recreating the same local feel that makes everyone feel like they are part of the bigger picture.

The event reinforces his philosophy of raising the idea and in turn, raising the impact of your every day actions. You get what you put in.

“With Reign Supreme, I wanted as many stakeholders as possible,” says Huang.  The money raised from the event will go back into the organizations that were involved with the event planning and fundraising.

“I’ve been able to take all the teachings from the b-boy culture and incorporate them into my every day life, and vise versa,” says Huang, making him a savvy businessman who has earned his street cred, both at the office and in the community. Still staying true to where he came from, “I’m not a suit, I’m a b-boy,” says Huang.