New Seattleites here to make essensuals London synonymous with affordable luxury

“Hair follows fashion and Seattle is a fashionable city,” say the owners of essensuals London, Capitol Hill’s newest boutique hair salon.

“Seattle’s massive music scene is a major contributor to Seattle’s fashion. I think people from Seattle aren’t moving to New York or LA anymore to focus on fashion – instead, they are choosing to stay in Seattle and make their home town cool.”

These were just some motivating factors that led the Townsend brothers to relocate from San Diego to Seattle and open essensuals London.

This weekend will be the 10th and final installment of Noise for the Needy, a music festival and nonprofit organization that has been raising money for charitable causes for the last decade. NFTN has hosted hundreds of bands and raised thousands of dollars since its first Seattle show in November 2004. The last installment of Noise for the Needy will be a great way to end Seattle’s summer music festival season and enjoy the last bits of sunshine! Read about why and how NFTN lasted so long.

We’re bombarded with technology these days but we can all remember our very first computer and our very first interaction with the internet. Technology moves fast. In Seattle there’s a place that has attempted to capture each moment and build excitement about what it means for the future. The Living Computer Museum is a walk down memory lane and also a look into the future.

But this Saturday, it’s all about the throwback-tech.