Toys + Tech: Sweet, Beer! One-stop app for hops lovers

Drink like the well-educated beer lover your parents always hoped you’d be.

placeit Beer.

Sweet, beautiful, delicious, complicated, confusing, beer. When will I finally understand you and your gigantic family of fermentation? Today? Tomorrow? Oh wait, it was last week when this SWEET new app came out describing the history and brewing process of every single beer recognized by the BJCP!

sweet beer side by side

The owners of Sweet, Beer! have combined their loved for beautiful design and great beer to bring you a simple, colorful way to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the beer you just irrationally ordered because you liked the tap handle.

Or maybe you’re a step above that and actually know what beer you ordered. Well, do you have all the interesting conversation starters about that beer’s history memorized?

Do you have a food pairing recommendation on hand? Do you know all the variations of that style of beer? Do you?!

I really hope you don’t… because this app is wonderful and everyone deserves the pleasure of flipping through its illustrated array of beer glasses while discovering what the hell they are about to drink.

Plus it has an awesome feature that recommends breweries and bottle shops in every part of the U.S.! So no matter where you are in this big, beautiful country, you can be sure you’ll find delicious beer. Ah, the American dream.

Sweet, Beer! is for the beer geeks and newbies alike. Everyone will learn something. And everyone will drink better beer because of it. Cheers to beers!

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