In the know: Skoah Spa

Skoah Spa

Treat yo skin.

Prepare your skin for the airplane air and over-eating extravaganzas of the holiday season with a facial at Skoah. The Canadian spa describes their treatments as “personal training for your skin”. They have three new locations in Seattle (Bellevue, Downtown and Capitol Hill) and they’re are offering you $50 off a facial if you come in before December 24th, 2013!

Skoah Facial
Skoah Facial
skoah room-2
Skoah Spa Room

Skoah has 11 facials to choose from ranging from the “Tummy and Mummy” for pre-baby skin problems, to the “Facialiscious,” which includes a relaxing foot and leg massage in between several rounds of skin-nourishing treatments. And of course, for those who are blessed with flawless, wrinkle and blemish-free skin… what. ever. No but really, they do more than just faces. One option is the “Killer Foot”, focusing entirely on your sad, neglected wintertime feet.

skoah product
Skoah Skin and Hair Products

Skoah sells all of the products they use during treatments so you can continue your regiment at home and between visits. They have a range of spray tonics that work wonders for re-hydrating throughout the day (or while traveling), and if you’re looking for something truly magical, try the “Aha mask” infused with peppermint to loosen and lift dead skin cells, and relax the hell out of your face. All of Skoah’s 60+ products are animal-friendly, sulphate-free, and packed with plant extracts and highly refined lipids and oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter. Print your $50 coupon here and be sure to thank yourself for your very thoughtful gift! We don’t want to be ungrateful now do we? Skoah|415 Pike Street, Seattle|206.323.9898 Photography by Jessica Aceti and Skoah