Technophilia: MovieCat 2 – The Sequel Game

Movies. Trivia. Cats. As if I have to explain why this game is so good.

But I suppose that’s what I’m here to do, so I’ll indulge you: It’s a movie trivia app (good) using illustrated cats (great) to ask questions that both movie buffs and movie simpletons (me) alike will have fun answering.

MovieCat 2 Menu

The illustrations are equally cute and hilarious. But the adorably creepy cats with the vacant eyes aren’t just for show – they serve a purpose. Twenty different puzzle types, many including visuals, (cat visuals) make the game a full sensory experience (minus scent and ESP, but I hear they’re working on those for version 3).


Current MovieCat players will recognize 14 of the games: Room, Double Feature, Dressing Room, Match Maker and Cat Chat. And no one will recognize the six all-new puzzle types: Prop Art (a cat painting famous movie props), Rhyme Time (movies described in Limericks), In Quotes, Kitty Fare, Classics and Details, Details.


But my favorite part of the game is the two-player option. You can challenge another player to a round of MovieCat 2 (though it is literally impossible to only play one round. Yes, I mean literally.) And you can even adjust the settings so you (me) will earn points faster than your opponent (boyfriend) who knows a LOT more about movies than you (I) do. (I’ve been using a lot of parenthesis in this article. I’ll stop now.)

(But not until I show you the best promo video of all time)

[tentblogger-youtube OVWf2VilRyM]

If you like movies and cats. Or if you like movies or cats. Or if you like apps that make life better. You’ll like this app. Download it now on iTunes before they run out! Just kidding that doesn’t happen with apps. Hey remember Tickle Me Elmo?

Find out more about MovieCat 2 at or on Facebook.