What’s Hot: Planning a Bachelorette Party For this Summer? Plan Early and Consider a Local Craft Tour

While the bachelorette party is about the familiar, telling shared stories of the soon to be married couple and buying the bachelorette drinks that are old favorites, the party is also a time for making new memories– together, perhaps in new locations not everyone has yet been.  Let Local Craft Tours do the work.

Their exclusive Downtown Brown Whiskey Tour and Eastside Speakeasy Distillery Tours offer private tours of Seattle’s booming craft distilleries for up to 10 special guests.  With a personal cocktail libations expert on board a luxury transport and exclusive guided tours with master distillers – you and your party will discover new ways to enjoy some of your already favorite drinks.


If whiskey or bourbon happens to be the alcohol of choice for your bride to be, the Downtown Brown Whiskey tour is the one.  Guests will have the opportunity to experience, sip, and browse three of Seattle’s distilleries: Westland, Mischief, and Howl – all in an afternoon.  Along the way, you can sit back and enjoy the company of your party, sipping delicious crafted drinks – one being a whiskey version of the Moscow Mule; eating special miniature food eats; and enjoying some of Seattle’s greatest views.

Experience, Sip, Browse


MischiefWestland:  Master Distiller, Matt Hoffman, brings the old single malt whiskey from Scotland to Seattle, striving to make it to perfection.  His guided tour offers knowledge of the production process through Washington’s only single malt distillery. The tour concludes with a guided tasting of their signature blend, a whiskey with a strong grain focus and fruit hints; a Peeted Whiskey; and a new limited edition release, all tasted in special tulip shaped glasses.  Guests can also browse apparel from the Filson Outdoors Company in the tasting room.

Fremont Mischief:  Mike Sherlock, once a builder of house-boats, tells stories of how his work on the sea, throwing a fish back every now and then, inspired him to open Mischief distillery, where a portion of his proceeds benefit local non-profits.  Guests will browse the distillery room with whiskey barrels named Mary Margaret and Nadia. Guests will sample John Jacob, a rye whiskey, and have the chance to get up to some mischief themselves, selecting party favor’s Mike offers out of the secret drawers in his shop.

3 Howls Distillery:  Will Maschmeie throws old world whiskey making conventions out the door making never before concocted blends. He even grinds his own barley in a tent located inside the distillery. After walking you through his unique process, guests sample a ‘hopped whiskey’ and a host of other new blends he’s recently invented.


The Details

To book, visit Localcrafttours.com. Whether your bride likes whiskey or prefers vodka and the speakeasy, your Local Craft tour will include: three exclusive craft distillery tours, local spirit tastings, artisan snacks, a special gift, and luxury transport in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Get to sipping and making memories.