What’s Hot: Vintage Computer Faire This Weekend

We’re bombarded with technology these days but we can all remember our very first computer and our very first interaction with the internet. Technology moves fast. In Seattle there’s a place that has attempted to capture each moment and build excitement about what it means for the future. The Living Computer Museum is a walk down memory lane and also a look into the future.

But this Saturday, it’s all about the throwback-tech.

Saturday is the first-ever Vintage Computer Faire at the Living Computer Museum, an educational, interactive, hands-on experience for all ages. Admission is free.

The collection was created by Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen as a way to preserve the history that put him and Bill Gates on the path to founding the company. The event features milestones in the evolution of computers and how people use them. There will be food, video games, a game truck featuring current favorites, live music, and a scavenger hunt for Seahawks tickets. Attendees can also design their own “Bit,” the official mascot of the Vintage Computer Faire. The museum first opened its doors in 2012 and is dedicated to preserving and displaying working examples of those computers that tell the story of our journey away from computing as a difficult and expensive undertaking toward the universal access to information technology we enjoy today.

The curators believed that the best way for people to fully understand computing systems is by experiencing them and that software, information, and human interaction complete the experience.

Walk through the museum and learn about the achievements of early computer engineers. At the Living Computer Museum visitors are encouraged to interact. The museum made the systems accessible by allowing people to come and interact with them, and by making them available over the Internet.

Living Computer Museum   l  2245 1st Ave S. in Sodo  l  August 9, from 10am-5pm