Seattle Well Represented Amongst Martha Stewart Finalists

A study recently ranked Seattle as the best city for small business, and it doesn’t take much to realize why. With such a diverse, growing population, the city has seen new businesses sprout daily in order to suit its population’s increasingly eclectic tastes. It is no wonder then, that many of these small businesses have been selected as finalists for Martha Stewart’s Third Annual American Made Awards.

Given Stewart’s flair for embracing artisan originality, her American Made Award intends to recognize homebred companies whose products embody the sprit of innovation. According to the website, the award primarily looks for the businesses that have “changed the way we eat, shop, work, and live.” Though judge selections determine nine out of the ten winners, patrons have a chance to support their local establishments through voting. You can bet that many local Seattle favorites have turned up on the ballot.

Jane YuanThough the award covers a variety of categories, food and drink finalists have drawn the most attention. Some of the more notable local nominees include Simple & Crisp, a Seattle-based maker of fruit crisps, Noble Handcrafted, a manufacturer of wild foraged goods (think syrup, vinegar), and 2Bar Spirits, whose distillery gives daily tastings of their vodkas and bourbons. Other categories for the award include Crafts, Design and Style.

The ten winners of the American Made award will be announced on October 17. Prizes include a trip and appearance on the American Made event, $10,000 cash for further investment, as well as chances to appear on Martha Stewart’s website, magazine and radio shows. Not only will this award give local companies a chance to meet Martha Stewart herself, but also gives them a big boost in exposure nationally.

So if you have been looking for a way to help out your favorite local business, be sure to cast your vote on the official American Made award ballot page. You have the ability to vote up to six times a day, so there is no need to limit your decision to a single one. Who knows? A single vote could go a long way for the store or product that you love.