Winter Wanderlust: The North Shore’s Turtle Bay Resort has Your Adventure Covered

Seattleites are usually no stranger to extreme sports, we love nature and outdoor activities, even in the cold and grey, we manage to find ways to stay active – rain or shine. But if you’re looking to switch up your routine this winter and maybe get a little tan while burning a few calories, Turtle Bay Resort, located in the North Shore on the island of O’ahu in Hawaii is a one-stop shop of adventurous activities to suit thrill-seekers of all types. Here are our top adventure picks – warning: you may end up hopping on the next flight out.

north shore_turtle baySurf Adventure: Known for their massive waves and famous extreme surf competitions, like the Triple Crown of Surfing, the North Shore attracts professional surfers from all over the world. Intimidated? No worries, you can ease your way up to a 50-foot wave by training with the best. Whether you’re looking to catch major waves, brush up on your surf skills, or just learning  to surf, you can train with a world-champion pro at the Hans Hedemann Surf School. Hans Hedemann has won world titles from some of the most prestigious competitions around the globe, Hans and his team of surf pros will help you become a natural waterman or waterwoman.

HansHedemannHelicopter Adventure: What better way to scope out the island than hovering and zipping around in the Magnum P.I. chopper like Tom Selleck – now that’s one cool way to cruise! Made famous from the 1980’s hit T.V. series, “The Chopper” has called Turtle Bay Resort its home after retiring from Hollywood, now you can experience all the breathtaking aerial views of O’ahu in this iconic ride. Fly along Sacred Falls, the majestic Kahana Rainforest, Kaneohe Bay, Makapuu Lighthouse, Koko Head, Hanauma Bay, Diamond Head, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Waimea Bay, and finish along the famous North Shore surf breaks. But you can take this adventure to the extreme by growing a Tom Selleck mustache (or apply a fake mustache) for the perfect photo opp.

turtle bayPaddle Adventure: You can double up your paddle adventure with both kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. Start your day with a kayak excursion and check out sea turtles through the clear bottom window, or explore a historical WWII bunker and learn about its unique past. Once your arms get warmed up and you’ve broken-in your paddle skills on the kayak, you’re ready to move onto stand up paddle boarding. Test your balance and coordination against the famous North Shore waves, this all-body workout will have your inner-adventurer craving more.

kayakaBanyan Adventure: Make your way into this ancient jungle and explore these giant Banyan trees at Kawela Bay. These magical looking trees have massive trunks and vines that make for an awesome backdrop as you run through this scenic forest on your morning jog. But don’t get “lost” – this jungle was the scene of many eerie episodes of “LOST” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” – you may just find yourself in the middle of a major motion picture set.

THE-BANYAN-TREEFrom surfing, helicopter cruising, kayaking, paddle boarding, and jungle exploring – Turtle Bay Resort in the North Shore has got your calorie-burning , adrenaline-seeking cravings covered. What are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your bags with your swimsuit, running shoes, flip flips and your thirst for adventure – don’t forget your sunscreen.