Music Madness: Ásgeir

Ásgeir Breaks the Silence at Columbia City Theater


Who: When 20 year old Ásgeir Trausti released his first album In the Silence in his native Icelandic tongue and country, he became somewhat of a boy wonder phenomenon overnight. Many of the songs had been written by his father, a seasoned local poet, and the deeply rooted connection and alluring radiant voice were felt and welcomed by critics immediately. The album has since become the largest grossing Icelandic album of all time, and statistics indicate that over 10% of the country now owns it. Back in March, Ásgeir translated the album to English, and has been wooing North America with his soothing vocals, paired nicely with french horns, acoustic guitar, and he has wrangled his childhood friend to join him on the piano. His music has been praised as simple, yet defining, and he brings a sense of hope and lightness to each set, effortlessly captivating each audience, every time. His North America tour will wrap up on the West coast this month, but if you miss him this week, you can catch him with Irish singer songwriter Hozier after the new year in February at the Paramount. If you have not yet discovered Ásgeir, do yourself a solid and head over to Columbia City theater, as he is sure to perform the perfect intimate set to kick off your week.

Where: Tuesday Oct 21st Columbia City Theater 9:00pm,  tickets

Ásgeir|Tuesday Oct 21st 9:00pm |Columbia City Theater