Winter Wanderlust: Why You Should Go To Costa Rica Right Now

Drake Bay

The rain is falling and you’ve got your jacket pulled tight around your collar. The forecast for the next week peaks in the 50s, and it’s supposed to rain for at least half of those days. If you’re like other Seattleites, you love exploring the outdoors, but have trouble finding not-so-soggy places to do this during the winter. Well, for that problem, we have one simple solution: Costa Rica.

With flights that are affordable and fairly short in duration, Costa Rica is a godsend for people looking for a little sunshine and adventure during the coldest months in the Pacific Northwest. You can make your trip planning even easier with Anywhere, who’ve been providing dependable travel services since 2006. They’re dedicated to offering accurate information about Costa Rica to a wide range of travelers, and their bilingual team of Costa Rican vacation planners delivers excellent service to customers from around the world. They’re committed to sustainability, and work with their travel providers to preserve ecosystems for the benefit of locals and visitors alike.

Now that you have the stress of trip planning handled by Anywhere, all you have to worry about is climbing volcanoes, exploring rainforests, and chilling on beaches. The following places are just a handful of Costa Rica’s most awesome outdoor options.

San Gerardo de Dota
The breathtaking landscape of San Gerardo de Dota.

San Gerardo de DotaLess visited than some of Costa Rica’s better known destinations, San Gerardo de Dota is sure to have you smiling big and breathing deep. Nestled up against the impressive Talamanca Mountain Range, this small town is a haven for bird-watchers and outdoor enthusiasts. A clear, cool river runs through the town, offering up chances to fish for trout and swim beneath waterfalls. The surrounding forests are home to over 200 species of bird, including the elusive-but-beautiful resplendent quetzal. There’s also a national park that boasts an assortment of hiking trails within striking distance.

Drake Bay
Drake Bay is a small bay on the north side of the Osa Peninsula on the coast of southwestern Costa Rica.

Drake BaySet along the remote reaches of Costa Rica’s southern Pacific Coast, the Osa Peninsula is one of the wildest and least-inhabited places in the country. The small settlement of Drake Bay is the Osa at its finest. The town extends along a picturesque cove and eventually merges with the massive Corcovado National Park. While staying here, prepare to see scarlet macaws flying overhead and troops of monkeys howling at you from the trees. What’s more, the park’s forests extend all the way to the sand, allowing you to enjoy a hike in the woods and a nap on the beach all within the same day.

Explore the majestic Monteverde rainforest on one of many suspension bridges.

MonteverdeYou can’t utter the words “nature” and “Costa Rica” in the same sentence without mentioning Monteverde—it’s pure blasphemy. Although more touristy than the previous two destinations, Monteverde needs to be considered into any outdoor-oriented trip to Costa Rica. Heck, the place put Costa Rica on the map! In the 1970s, foreign biologists traveled here and quickly realized the incredible biodiversity that was present in Monteverde’s cloud forests. Ever since then, people have been coming here to hike in the forests and observe the abundant wildlife, most notably the birds. Enjoy ziplines, suspension bridges, and butterfly gardens in this small slice of paradise.

Visit Tortuguero and hang with Capuccin monkeys, also known as the white faced monkey.

TortugueroThe Pacific Coast of Costa Rica gets a lot of press, but the Caribbean side has its own share of awesomeness too. Set along a broad beach, Tortuguero is known as the place to go if you want to spot sea turtles. In fact, you need to look no further than the name, which means “region of turtles” in Spanish. Four different species of sea turtles come here to lay eggs; the best time to see the babies hatch is from March–October. When you’re not watching baby turtles scuttle towards the sea, you can kayak in tropical canals or go deep-sea fishing in the Caribbean.

With the likelihood of not seeing sunshine for another few more months, it’s time to escape the Seattle grey and head to Costa Rica. Start planning your journey to Costa Rica with the team at Anywhere they’ll customize your trip to fit your interest, budget, timeline and group size – plus, their trip-planning service is free! Or if you’d like to add to your adventure, you can also check out Panama, Guatemala, Peru, Cuba and Ecuador through the Anywhere network.  Now go ahead, treat yourself with a little sunshine and get your Vitamin D fix!