Music Madness: Ben Howard

Howard Finds Himself in I Forget Where We Were

ben howard

Who: Ben Howard established himself as a prominent UK folk artist with the release of his first album Every Kingdom back in 2011, a beautiful reflection of positivity,  and collection of catchy love lyrics sure to appeal to audiences everywhere. Each song on the album felt as if you were sharing a personal moment with the artist, yet just when you thought he might dive deep and reveal something bigger, he ended the trance and brought you back up with his cute hums, whistles, and winks. The album was a quintessential catch 22; I loved everything about it, the transition from Old Pine, to Everything and what I could only chalk up as his tribute to myself – Only Love . Who listens to folk music at the gym at 6:30am to get hyped? I did. I listened to that album on repeat that year, and even though I couldn’t imagine it getting any better, I also couldn’t put my finger on what it was missing. I needed more. The build up has been brutal, but three years after his first album released, Howard finally pulled the trigger and didn’t take the safe route he once did. He pushed the limits, and his second album I Forget Where We Were is the perfect response to all the questions left unanswered in Every Kingdom. It’s dark, yet endearing, and he’s finally peeled back the layers to reveal a vulnerable side we’ve yet to experience. Howard really found his confidence with this second album, and like a nurtured relationship, he won us over with his sunny persona, but has kept us afloat with his raw honesty and growth. Don’t miss Howard’s performance at the Moore Theatre this week, a perfect prelude to the weekend of love.

Ben Howard | February 13th 8:00pm | The Moore Theatre