Do Good: Patriot Popcorn from Uncle Woody’s

Red, white & blue popcorn for the US Armed Forces.

Seattle Popcorn Company, makers of Uncle Woody’s Caramel popcorn, is releasing their newest item, Patriot Popcorn TODAY! The inspiration behind the creation of this new flavor is to fund a very specific mission to express gratitude for the service and sacrifice of all whom have served in the United States Armed Forces. The proceeds from this item will go directly to supporting our armed forces on their return home through donations to the US Department of Veterans Affairs Hospitals.

Partriot blend flag web (1) (3)
Patriot Popcorn. Photo by Project Bionic.

THE FLAVORS: Patriot Popcorn is an innovative blend of truffle and caramel flavors. The savory and bold truffle salt complements the sweet and decadent caramel. Each kernel is perfectly crunchy and packed with flavor.

OUR REVIEW: At Seattleite, we love snacking and we eat an exceptional amount of popcorn. We first tried Uncle Woody’s original caramel flavor nearly a decade ago and it was love-at-first-crunch. Most brands don’t carefully coat each kernel with caramel, resulting in searching, digging and picking through handfuls. After trying local competitors and popcorn brands across the country, we haven’t found a better caramel. Likewise, other brands of truffle popcorn only have a faint truffle flavor.

Unexpectedly, truffle and caramel goodness makes a stellar combination. Patriot Popcorn is delicious, consciously and locally manufactured, and supports a worthy cause. Pick up a bag (or two) ASAP!

WHERE TO BUY: This unique artisan popcorn will be launched exclusively at Bartell Drugs for the first 30 days and then sold nationwide. For a list of local retailers, click here.

Original Caramel Popcorn. Photo by Project Bionic.

ABOUT JESSE GREENE, Seattle Popcorn Company President:

“Here at Uncle Woody’s, we believe that it’s a duty for all of us who enjoy the freedoms of living in the United States to support the members of our armed forces even after their service ends.”

Jesse’s passion for supporting the troops comes from not being able to serve himself after undergoing three knee surgeries before the age of 18. His grandfather, father, little sister and other relatives have served in the military. Jesse is a trailblazer in starting the conversation about corporate responsibility to directly support veterans and hopes it can bring awareness to this issue.

THE COMPANY: All ingredients, materials, and labor used to produce this product are procured and prepared within the United States of America to support the US economy. All products are made without high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring, trans-fat, gluten or nuts.

Seattle Popcorn Company     |    9320 15th Ave S., Suite CD, Seattle   |    206-937-1292