DOG DAYS: Adaptive Animals and Pet Behavioral Issues

Is your pet behaviorally healthy?

In this edition of Dog Days, we feature Adaptive Animals, a professional service located in Seattle that offers assistance in evaluating and solving pet behavioral problems. Even if you have attended obedience school with your dog, there can be other behavioral issues that are more difficult to handle. Some behavioral issues that Adaptive animals can help with include aggression and biting, dangerous dogs, fear and anxiety, separation anxiety, leash reactivity, compulsive behavior, barking, impulse control, poor social skills, depression and much more!



All training for pets is done through behavior and environmental modification. Using reinforcement, desensitization, and enrichment techniques, they assist in building a more satisfying relationship between owner and pet. Dr. James Ha, PhD, CAAB is one of the behaviorists and he uses techniques based on scientific principles of learning, behavior analysis, and neuroscience. They even meet with you in your home to assess the context in which the behavior is a problem.


First, there is an in-home private consultation where the behaviorist gets a full picture of the issues present. Next, the reason/s for the unwanted behavior is explained using behavior analysts and a personalized treatment plan is created. The approaches used to change your pet’s behavior are demonstrated in the home as well as environmental and behavior modification strategies. The behaviorist gets updates about your pet’s progress and follow-up support to help maximize successful behavior change over time. All techniques and strategies are individualized, written up and provided in a report.


Initial Consultation: $250

  • Includes two-hour meeting in your home
  • Free email and phone assistance for up to 6 months

Follow-up Consultations: $75

  • Assess progress, making adjustments, helping implement the treatment plan
  • One-hour sessions in your home following the initial consultation
  • Follow-up consultations vary from case to case

Remote Consultation: $150-250

  • Only for cases when an in-home consultation is impossible
  • Case-by-case basis determined by behaviorist
  • Two-hour remote conferencing (via telephone or video)
  • Free email and phone assistance for 6 months

Individualized Training: Contact for pricing information

  • For puppies and adult dogs that need help with basic manners (sit, stay, down, leash walking, etc.)
  • Dog-only and dog-owner training in your home
  • Number of sessions varies; discounts for multiple training sessions


I contacted Adaptive Animals on their website and they got back to me the same day! They were super helpful working through a behavioral issue my husband and I had been struggling with for several years. With the personalized plan Dr. Ha set in place for us, we saw changes right away! My mini-dachshund had really bad separation anxiety and now I’m happy to say that she’s able to stay home alone all day. This has made life easier for myself and for her. If I would have known how effective this behavioral treatment could be, I would have contacted Adaptive Animals a long time ago!

Photo by Adapative Animals.

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