TREAT YO SELF: Noir Lash Lounge

Beautiful lashes for instant glamorfication.

In this edition of Treat Yo Self, we feature Noir Lash Lounge, which specializes in semi-permanent eyelash extensions. They offer over 100 different lash varieties. The lashes last for 2 to 8 weeks, with service lasting 60-90 minutes. Noir only does lashes which means they do it well. They have seven locations on the West coast and provide excellent customer service and extensive experience. This is a great gift to your friends, sisters, mothers, and especially to treat yourself with feeling fabulous.

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  • Full Set: $85
  • Le Fling (lashes on the outer corners if you’re not ready to commit): $43
  • Lower Lashes: $43
  • False Lash Application: $20

You can also opt to get synthetic mink (creme de la creme in lash luxury) or any many other options to pump up the glam.

MY EXPERIENCE: the staff were wonderful, made me feel welcome, and were patient with my [many] questions. I was expecting the clientele to be teens and 20-somethings, but the average age was closer to late mid-to-late 30’s. This is for every lady! Outside appearances certainly aren’t everything, but it gives you a little boost to your step knowing you are looking lovely (with little effort every morning). The couches you lie on during the service are very comfortable and many people, including myself, took a little nap.

After a little over an hour, they handed me a mirror and I was extremely satisfied with how they turned out. I felt so glamorous even though I wasn’t wearing any makeup. It looks like I’m wearing mascara, but because I had asked for a more natural look, it didn’t scream to the world that I had gotten lash extensions. I’m on week 3 now and most are still intact. It takes some getting used to not rub my eyes or sleep on my stomach, but I will definitely be visiting again, especially next time I take a vacation.


Perfect for your next special day or vacation. It’s a great gift for a busy professional or mom who wants to save time doing makeup every morning. If you’ve never tried lash extensions, it’s definitely worth trying it– you might get hooked!

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Photos by Noir Lash Lounge.

Noir Lash Lounge                |        225 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue         |             (425) 454-5274