TREAT YO SELF: Body Scrub at Olympus Spa

Spend all day at this relaxing day spa.

In this edition of Treat Yo Self, we feature the Korean Body Scrub from Olympus Spa in Lynnwood. This traditional service has been performed for thousands of years to exfoliate dead skin cells using soap and scrub mitts. It cleanses and smooths skin and improves body circulation. The service requires a daily entry pass ($38) to the day spa that gives you access to several infrared rooms as well as all the pools, sauna and steam rooms.


The Spa. It’s much nicer than I had anticipated. It is very spacious, serene, and also kept very clean. This is a naked spa and it is for women only. Once you sign in and pay, you will get a robe and locker key. You will need to undress in the pools, sauna, and steam rooms. You can keep your robe on for all the dry infrared rooms as well as for the tea service.

The Scrub. There’s an initial discomfort lying nude on a spa table next to several other ladies; I felt a little like a baby being washed. After I put those thoughts behind me, it was much more enjoyable. The scrub lady got right down to business: scrubbing, rinsing, and directing me which way to turn. After about 40 minutes, I felt very clean and soft! While it did what it advertised and the effects lasted for several days, I think I will be doing an at-home scrub in the future. I would be willing to try out their other services and will definitely be back to utilize the day spa.

Details about the Spa:

  • SERVICES: Body Scrub, Massage, Skin Care, Nail Care, Hair Care
  • PRICING: Spa Entry is $38 + price of service
  • SPA PACKAGES: 11 different packages ranging from $181 to $337 (Spa entry included in all packages).
  • HOURS: Open Monday through Thursday 9:00 am to 10:00 pm, Friday and Saturdays from 9:00 am to midnight and closed Sundays.


Photos by Olympus Spa. 

Olympus Spa          |            Lynnwood and Tacoma        |         (425) 697 – 3000/(253) 588 – 3355