We Heart: Zoe Keller’s Color the Pacific Northwest for Mindfulness

Zoe Keller. Photo by

Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore.

Adult coloring books are everywhere these days. You can find them in gift shops, bookstores, craft stores, and online. Touted for their powers of stress-reduction and mindfulness, coloring books with intricate designs are a welcome reprieve from staring at a screen all day. They help quiet the mind and give us something to do when we’re binging on Netflix. It’s a fun activity to do with friends while catching up at a coffee shop or cafe and makes a thoughtful gift as well. 


Portland artist Zoe Keller has created a Northwest take on this trend with Color the Pacific Northwest, available now! The book is chock-full of regional landmarks like Pike Place Market and the Fremont Troll, as well as beautifully illustrated pictures of native flora and fauna, like Yakima Valley apples and Pacific Northwest mushrooms, as well as animals like harbor seals and caribou. Who wouldn’t want to color tufted puffins or Bigfoot trekking through the woods?

This will be Zoe’s second coloring book for Timber Press. Her first book, Color the Natural World, was released last fall and has been a hit.

Zoe Keller. Photo by
Zoe Keller. Photo by Boone Rodriguez.

About the artist: A Woodstock, New York native, Zoe is currently based in Portland, Oregon, where she spends most of her time drawing in her small home studio. She gathers inspiration from slow explorations of landscapes, hours spent thumbing through her growing field guide collection, and her memories of time spent in forests and on shores across the midwest and northeast.