Shop Seattle: Summer Essentials

Summer is coming—officially on Monday, June 20th. Here are some items from local shops to prepare you for sunshine, bonfires, BBQs, and outdoor adventures. From summery wine to hair care, accessories, and cute casual clothing. Shop thoughtfully, shop local, and support small businesses in our community.


Herbivore Botanicals | After Sun Soothing Aloe Spray $20

The soothing aloe vera in our After Sun Mist combined with cooling mint and therapeutic lavender bring a natural relief to hot, sun-drenched skin. Keep refrigerated for extra-refreshing effect. Best used after the skin has been exposed to sun or any time you need to cool down and hydrate your skin.

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Herbivore Botanicals | Sea Mist Texturizing Salt Spray / Coconut $20 

Can’t get to the beach? Try this spray that’s formulated with the same salinity as Pacific Ocean saltwater. It’s great for adding beachy texture and waves to hair naturally. The essential oils of coconut and vanilla give off an exotic aroma. It smells amazing, seriously.

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Penchant Bare | Red Bump and Ingrown Hair Serum $17.95

Penchant Bare is a botanically-enriched skin serum that reduces red bumps and ingrown hairs.  Using Penchant Bare is the trick to getting smooth, irritation-free skin after waxing and shaving, and I believe it is a perfect fit for an upcoming summer wellness article.

Formulated with aloe, witch hazel, and sage, our formula is an effective, natural alternative to harsh alcohol-based formulas. It’s packaged in a rollerball design, so when you apply it there’s no waste and no mess. Using Penchant Bare helps eliminate red bumps, razor burn, ingrown hairs, and irritation that come from hair removal, giving you summer-ready skin and the confidence to go bare.

You can also get it on Amazon here.


Anew Wines | Rose $12 

Perfect to include in your picnic basket or bring to a BBQ. A crisp, vibrant and dry style Rosé, made with a blend of Syrah and Sangiovese. It showcases the beautiful aromas of strawberry, fresh watermelon and peach.

Buy it at BevMo, Cost Plus World Market, Total Wine & More, Bartell Drugs, or online here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 9.16.01 PM

Wish You Were Northwest | 501 Summer Tee $34

501’s, polaroids, off roading, music festivals, late night diners, stargazing. The stuff summer dreams are made of. We love WYWN products. This tee is super soft, baby pink (also comes as a white muscle tank). 100% cotton, fits true to size.

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The Grayl | Quest Purifier Bottle $79.95 

Outdoorsy? Adventurous? If you love to hike, camp, and travel, this is the water bottle for you. Purification and filtration in one. Fast and easy to use; the Quest Purifier Bottle makes clean, purified drinking water (in less than 15 seconds) from virtually any fresh water source in the world! Full-spectrum purification (+filtration) provides ultimate protection against pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa), particulates, chemicals and heavy metals.

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Moorea Seal | Simple Sun Studs $92

Summer is coming! These adorable handmade studs will brighten your day.

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Moorea Seal | Tasya Dress $58

An easy-breezy piece, the Tasya dress is finished with a high-low hem and tassels so you’ll feel chic no matter the occasion.

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