Wellness: ECHO 2 Oxygen Facial at Honey Skin Spa

As we enter summer—though it doesn’t quite feel or look like it this week—in the Northwest, it’s a great time to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Megan Sevcik opened Honey Skin Spa in 2011, a boutique skin spa located in Madison Valley that focuses on creating beautiful skin for men and women of all ages and skin types. From those who have battled awful adult acne to rosacea and broken capillaries, to fine lines and large pores, she handles it all with care and passion. 

I fell in love with the spa immediately. Located right off East Madison in Madison Valley, it’s so adorable. It’s decorated thoughtfully with pink and white tones and has a soothing atmosphere. Before the service, I chatted with Megan, who instantly put me at ease (after a battle with traffic to get to the spa on time). She shared with me her own experiences struggling with tough times with her skin in her early 20’s. After going to some of the top dermatologists in New York City, nothing seemed to help. This empowered her to turn her struggles into passion and “fell in love with skincare, skin health and helping others feel and look beautiful and youthful”.

Facial Massage
Illuminating oxygen facial.

Each of Honey’s two rooms are spacious and luxurious, with heated beds and tranquil music playing softly in the background. The bathroom has makeup remover and contact solution—anyone who wears contacts will know that closing your eyes for an hour will make them dry, sometimes even painfully so—which is incredibly thoughtful to provide. These little touches make it feel like a unique, boutique experience.

The service itself was so relaxing that I dozed off for a few minutes. Megan only uses the finest, purest, organic, Medical grade products based entirely on Hylauronic Complex, a powerful moisturizer known as “the fountain of youth”. One of her skin care secrets is her regenerative ECHO 2 Plus Liquid Oxygen Machine. Honey is the only spa in the state to carry this specific medical grade device that makes scars, pores and fine lines virtually disappear.

Don’t worry, I was a bit skeptical at first too.

Fast forward to right after my service, I noticed that my skin was glowing. Unlike my experiences following facials at other spas, my skin wasn’t red and irritated. Under her advice, I have been using Hylunia organic skin care products for cleansing and moisturizing this past week and have observed positive changes. Normally, my skin is already pretty clear, but the combination of the oxygen facial and the products have reduced redness and some pimples / breakout areas on my face.

If you’re looking for beautiful, luminous skin, give Megan and Honey Spa a try. Like me, you’ll probably want to come back again and again. Her gentle natural approach to healing skin and creating wellness is a great step in getting and maintaining healthy skin.

Owner & Aesthetician Megan Sevcik.

More about ECHO 2 Plus: it was first used in burn centers to help gently heal and regenerate skin through oxygen infusion. It’s a great skin secret weapon for those who want to look flawless for vacations, get togethers and events this summer!

Photos by Honey Skin Spa. 

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