CIRCADIA Seattle opens November 19 and will not accept tips or offer a service charge

A new luxurious dining experience is coming to Seattle.

Located in downtown on the corner of 7th and Olive, CIRCADIA opens on November 19th and will provide guests with refined dining and personalized, seamless high-end hospitable service. Owners Jeanie Inglis and her husband Jake Kosseff  “believe guests should not pay twice for great service”. Therefore, they will not accept tips or offer a service charge to their guests.

Interior. Photo courtesy CIRCADIA.

CIRCADIA’s team consists of employees who have made giving excellent service their career, who truly enjoy the heart of hospitality, and who do not expect to be tipped simply for doing what they are passionate about.

“Each employee is integral to our service program, from the beverage director to chef to the dishwasher,” added Inglis. “Each person plays an important role in ensuring a seamless guest experience, and we believe it is absolutely the owners’ responsibility of keeping their employees happy. At the end of the day, happy employees deliver better guest experiences, and the guest is the entire reason why CIRCADIA exists.”

Inglis and Kosseff know happy employees take better care of guests, and have made employee well-being top priority at the restaurant.

Photo by Xander Fu.

CIRCADIA officially opens Saturday, November 19, but also has pre-opening events happening the week of November 14 – 18. If you’re interested in a reservation on or after November 19th, call the reservations line at 206-486-6428 or email If you’re interested in a pre-opening sneak peek, view those opportunities here:


CIRCADIA is the latest culinary project of husband and wife team Jake Kosseff and Jeanie Inglis, whose extensive combined experience in the hospitality, design and luxury brand development industries results in a unique and innovative restaurant endeavor. Combining modern sophistication and 1930’s Hollywood Regency-style elegance with an unpretentious and welcoming spirit, CIRCADIA creates a memorable dining experience unmatched in the region.

CIRCADIA               |                  624 Olive Way, Seattle                   |                  (206) 486 – 6428