Smash Putt! Miniature Golf Apocalypse – Last Ever!

Smash Putt! Miniature Golf Apocalypse returns to Seattle to hit it one last time. Experience brand new crazy contraptions presented with a collection of your favorites from our nostalgic past! Devious devices with wicked robotic brains engineered by industrial-artists and hackers. Putt-putt like you’ve never played it, going out with a bang in a funky new pop-up space in Downtown Seattle. Not your grandma’s mini-golf!


Enjoy ingenious fun with an earnest low brow sensibility. Perform operations on vengeful robots, fly your ball through a menacing city-scape, dodge dastardly lasers, and frustrate your friends with dynamic, destructive games which put every sense to the test. 

Starting in December, Smash Putt!’s mechanized mayhem comes to Seattle for the very last time. This iconic Seattle-grown grown-up playground is the perfect place for every night out. Keep your Seattle weird, and put your balls on the line at our last ever robotic extravaganza!

Smash Putt! offers VIP lounges, a top-shelf bar with hand-crafted cocktails, local personalities, live entertainment, and good old-fashioned fun. Now available for holiday parties and team-building events.


Prices and times will vary, please see for advance tickets & to sign up for the mailing list!